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3 Ways to Conquer Career Stagnation

We’ve all been there: you hit a sweet spot in your career and what you do at work becomes second nature. It gets easy, which is nice…until it’s not. The desire to continually learn, grow, and challenge oneself is human nature so why should learning on the job be the exception? If you’ve found yourself feeling listless at work and need some inspiration, here are three tips to conquering career stagnation: 

    1. Learn something new. This seems like obvious advice, but learning something new, whether directly related to your job role or not, is good for both you and your organization. Ask your manager to shadow them for a day, go talk to managers in another department, or simply read a book, or listen to a podcast. Learning and challenging your view of the world, both inside and outside of work is great for your mental health and will refresh your mind. 
    2. Acquire a new skill. There are plenty of free options to choose from (like these courses from IBM and Facebook, for example), and diversifying your list of skills is invaluable to career longevity. Better yet, pick a skill that will align with where you want your career to progress and make sure that your digital credential is displayed on your resume or LinkedIn profile. When it comes time to make that next career move, you’ll have your proof of learning front and center. 
    3. Make a (temporary) lateral move. If your goal is to refresh your career, then making a lateral move at a company you love makes sense. Your organization will benefit by cutting out the cost to recruit externally, and you’ll get to see a side of the business that you may have overlooked while doing your current job. It will also refresh your day-to-day because you’ll be forced to learn new tasks, but you’ll have the comfort of familiarity. 

Getting out of a career rut can be overcome through intentionality and desired growth. By taking the steps listed above and owning your own career progression, the promise of renewed vitality is imminent. 

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