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A Conversation with Dr. Susan Manning

Join Credly CEO Jonathan Finkelstein for a series of conversations with people advancing change that leads to a better and more equitable future of work. Meet change-makers, problem-solvers, and leaders who are bringing big ideas and doing the hard work.

In this episode, Jonathan chats with Susan Manning, Ed.D., Credly's Chief Success Strategist. Dr. Manning is also a prolific author, whose credits include Online Learning for Dummies, now out as a second edition ten years after its initial publication.

Jonathan and Susan talk about some of the biggest changes in online learning over the last ten years, including a learner focus on acquiring in-demand skills and proof of their capabilities. They discuss how educators, learners, and employers are all looking for reliable signals of trust that can help bridge the gaps between learning and career context and experiences.

Watch the full interview below: