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A Look Back on the Best Digital Credentialing Trends of 2019

2019 is about to draw to a close and with that, we can reflect on what changed about the way we learn, hire, and recognize skills. Digital credentials played a critical role in the way many leading organizations retained their best talent in a time when hiring is timely and expensive. Digital credentials put proof of learning into the hands of college students around the world. Digital credentials also allowed professional associations to show their members that there’s value in joining and sharing their achievements. 

We recently asked our social media followers to submit questions to Credly’s CEO, Jonathan Finkelstein, Success Strategist Susan Manning, and VP of Technology Alexander Hripak and we were overwhelmed by the response. They hosted a fireside chat and unpacked some of the trends we saw in 2019 as well as where we think the industry is going in 2020. 

If you’re interested in hearing from industry experts about the future of work and the new recognition of skills, click here to watch the webinar in its entirety.