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Canvas LMS Integrates with Credly Rules Engine For Automated Issuing

Canvas is a learning management system (LMS) used by thousands of educational institutions, and the new integration with Credly’s Acclaim platform makes it seamless for faculty and staff who use Canvas to incorporate digital credentialing. Issuers can connect digital credentials to learning events and issue   digital badges based on a rules engine. A digital credential can be issued when an earner completes an assignment (scored at a minimum percentage) or completes a learning module in Canvas.

There are several advantages to this integration. The integration saves faculty and staff time when issuing digital credentials, as they can set rules at the badge level to automatically issue badges to students who have met specific criteria. Administrators can also segment who can issue what badges using the Credly Acclaim platform’s robust roles permissions.  Earners will be able to accept and share digital credentials they earn on Credly’s Acclaim platform, the largest credential network, and curate a professional profile of their credentials.

If you're interested in learning more, listen to this interview with Credly's VP of Technology, Alexander Hripak, where he explains the integration between Credly’s Acclaim platform and Canvas, the LMS from Instructure.  The integration allows organizations to automate the issuance of digital badges through a rules engine.