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Case Study: Harper College Continuing Education

Harper College faced a challenge: it needed to strengthen the credibility of its Continuing Education program with employers. The solution? Digital credentials. 

Continuing education is a consistent theme in upskilling and training the workforce, and Harper College’s Continuing Education department serves students with short-term career training and personal enrichment programs. To give the program’s credibility a boost--and help distinguish itself from the college’s academic program counterparts--it turned to digital credentials. 

This case study on Harper College’s Continuing Education program covers a range of topics,  including how Harper College: 

  • Uses digital credentials to strengthen program credibility 
  • Worked with the Credly team to effectively use metadata and create the badge design for its digital credentials
  • Creates opportunities for its learners by mapping digital credentials to labor market insights on Credly’s Acclaim platform. 

You can download and read the full story of Harper College’s implementation of digital credentials here.