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Colaberry Launches New Digital Credential Program with Credly

Skills training and career transition provider Colaberry announced that it will begin issuing digital credentials that represent a range of technical and human skills gained by completing their data analytics and data science programs through Credly's Acclaim platform.
“Colaberry’s digital credentials give our graduates an effective tool to signify to prospective employers that they are prepared to begin delivering immediately on in-demand skills,” said Ram Katamaraja, co-founder and CEO of Colaberry. “Together, we are bringing transparency to candidates’ capabilities that make it easier for employers to discover technology talent with the skills they need in today’s tight labor market.”
“The tech skills Colaberry develops— from data analysis to machine learning — are among the most in-demand skills today,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO of Credly. “By providing digital credentials to its graduates, Colaberry is clearly demonstrating to employers the skills their student has learned, in a way that can be quickly validated.”