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Credly Included in Aspen Institute’s Upskill America Employer Playbook

The Aspen Institute, a world renowned thought leader, has included Credly in their Upskill America Employer PlaybookCredly collaborated with the Aspen Institute to contribute an update to the Institute’s Employer Playbook.

In 2015, IBM launched its digital credential program on Credly’s Acclaim platform to increase employee recognition, motivate skill progression and make the IT workforce more inclusive. As of 2018, more than 350,000 individuals have earned a digital credential through the program, and over 1 million digital credentials have been issued. IBM digital credentials are an integral component of the organization’s training and recognition approach and are used to create skill heat maps that identify existing talent pools to quickly ramp up new technology initiatives. Digital credentials are driving measurable results for IBM, with 87% of digital credential earners reporting that they feel more engaged with IBM and are motivated to learn more. These reports bear out, with a 125% increase in enrollment for digital-credentialed IBM courses and a 694% increase in completions of IBM digital-credentialed online courses. IBM’s digital credential program will continue to play a significant role in future initiatives, such as New Collar Jobs and academic institutions accepting IBM digital credentials for college credit.

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