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Credly is Best-In-Class for a Reason

Not all badges are created equal. There are gamification badges, there are badges that don’t have enough metadata to verify one’s skills, and there are badges that don’t have the heft of a badging ecosystem behind them to solidify their validity. Credly badges, however, are in a league all their own. 

When an organization partners with Credly to issue digital badges, they get full access to a range of benefits that other digital credential providers just can’t compete with. 

    1. Credly has issued tens of millions of digital credentials. Credly’s ecosystem includes powerhouses like IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, and Tableau. But our network of badge issuers also includes hundreds of other organizations that want to bring verified skills and achievements to their employees, members, and students. Our network of digital credentials is so busy, in fact, that a digital credential is earned, shared, verified, or used every second of every business day.
    2. Credly’s customer success team is ready to set our customers up for progress on day one. Since every digital credential is unique, and every organization who issues digital credentials is unique, then it only makes sense that the onboarding process and launch of each program is unique, too. Credly’s customer success team helps to equip new customers with marketing support, metadata best practices, and any and all questions that come up surrounding how to most effectively issue digital credentials. 
    3. Credly’s platform functionality is the most useful. From search features to labor market insights, Credly does more than issue digital credentials. We’re committed to fueling the future of work, and we want to help connect people to opportunities through their hard work and verified achievements. That’s why we have API integrations that meet nearly every business need, and that’s why we’re committed to constantly and aggressively increasing our safety and security measures. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how your organization can start issuing digital credentials on a platform that issues badges in every single country in the world, fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly.