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Credly’s Acclaim Platform Integrations

Straightforward. Efficient. Simple. Those are words that describe how the Credly team thinks a digital credentialing platform should work. And, they guide the features and functionality we provide on our platform to help issuers manage and scale digital credentialing programs. 

One way that we support this is through integrations with Credly’s Acclaim platform. We have integrations to automate issuing digital credentials. We have integrations that make sharing data seamless. And, we have integrations that help earners promote their credentials. 

While we love all of our integrations (and earners especially love how easy it is to share digital badges they earn on social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook via our sharing integrations), we wanted to shine a spotlight on our automation integrations because they offer a huge benefit to anyone implementing a digital credentialing program--they save issuing organizations time because you don’t have to manually issue credentials. 

Credly’s Acclaim platform integrates with learning management systems, test delivery systems, and other applications that make it seamless to automatically issue digital badges. Canvas is a popular integration with higher education organizations (you can hear more on that in this podcast). And, we recently released an integration with Zapier, a “low-tech” way to automate issuing with just about any system your organization already works with. 

You can see a full list of the applications that integrate with Credly’s Acclaim platform on our website. Or, to talk with someone on our team about the right integration for your organization, fill out the form below.