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Credly’s Acclaim Platform Now Features Verified Talent Directory

NEW YORK — June 4, 2020 — Credly, the leader in digital credentials, today announced the rollout of Talent Directory, the most recent addition to its Acclaim platform. Talent Directory brings skills-based talent sourcing to the forefront, allowing organizations to find uniquely qualified candidates based on verified skills, before they apply. 
“Connecting individuals with opportunities based on their achievements is a guiding principle at Credly,” said Credly CEO, Jonathan Finkelstein. “Through a skills-based lens, Talent Directory provides an avenue for businesses to connect with qualified professionals for opportunities that match an individual’s verified competencies.”
With the added exposure from this feature, professionals in today’s uncertain economy are now more discoverable and able to stand out based on trusted information about what they know and can do. As the future of work pushes toward hiring, engagement and retention approaches that are focused on in-demand industry certifications and proven competencies, Credly’s directory of qualified, verified talent enables credential earners to secure professional opportunities based on their unique, up-to-date and trusted skill sets. 
Using Talent Directory, recruiters and hiring managers can identify individuals who have earned specific credentials and have had their skills verified by trusted organizations, and connect with those professionals about job opportunities. For organizations that issue digital credentials, the directory makes the people they train and certify more discoverable, while increasing the value of and exposure to their programs..
As today’s organizations continue to focus more on the skills needed to get a job done, and making those skills the minimum requirement for candidates, it widens the talent pool and opens doors for qualified professionals to add value to opportunities for which they would have initially been overlooked.
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