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CredSpark and Credly to Offer Deeper Learning-Based Interactions

This is a guest blog post brought to you by The CredSpark Team.

CredSpark, the leading platform for audience engagement and insights solutions, and Credly, largest and most-connected digital credential network, are excited to announce a deeper integration to assess, validate, and recognize a person’s skills and knowledge.

At CredSpark, we believe the more streamlined the process of awarding a badge to a learner post-assessment, the more likely learners are to engage in learning-based interactions. We are excited to enhance this process with Credly by joining their integration suite.

This integration allows for a frictionless way for clients using both CredSpark and Credly to tie a successful assessment result to a digital badge. Using this approach makes it simple to award a badge to a successful completion of a scored assessment, tightening the loop between someone demonstrating knowledge and skill with being recognized for that accomplishment.

After the integration is enabled, CredSpark users can easily create triggers that connect a completed assessment to a digital credential being issued. After creating an assessment in CredSpark, users will see the list of potential badges within CredSpark and simply click to apply the correct badge to that assessment result. (There’s no need to search for an embed code or tag.) If you’re a current user of both CredSpark and Credly, contact CredSpark support to set up your integration.

Learn more about the Credly-CredSpark integration here.