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Digital Credentials and The Workforce: Your Questions Answered

Over the last few months, we’ve heard a lot of great questions from higher education professionals about how digital credentialing works in the “real world.” In fact, at a recent webinar we participated in about how higher ed institutions can partner with employers to prepare students for a changing workforce, the response was overwhelming.

Credly’s Director of Education and Workforce Solutions, Brenda Perea, was a panelist at the webinar and fielded lots of questions about the system-wide effort she led at Colorado Community College Systems to create workforce-relevant credentials. She’s sharing answers to some of the most popular questions she got asked...

Q: How long did it take to implement a digital credentialing program in Colorado?

A: From pitch to inception to launching the first badges, the entire process took nine months.

Q: Is the learning done exclusively online?

A: Badges are agnostic to learning delivery. Colleges are allowed to determine how content gets delivered and then digital badges are awarded.

Q: How are digital credentials maintained for students?

A: All badges are stored on the Credly platform.

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