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Do You Know How to Reinforce Your Brand Through Digital Credentials?

Digital credentials are a great way to engage employees, retain employees, attract new members to an association, or even recruit new students to your higher education institution. No matter what business you’re in, marketing goes hand in hand with generating awareness and sales. Building it doesn’t guarantee that they will come, so anyone who wants to ensure that their product/service/idea/training is well received needs some sort of marketing to ensure that it is. 

Credly recently published an infographic that focuses entirely on how to reinforce your brand through digital credentials. Digital badges (the visual representation of the skill itself) lend themselves to being viewed and shared and can enhance your existing branding and marketing perfectly. By adding digital credentials to existing marketing materials and programs such as booth banners, email signatures, web pages, and digital marketing efforts, you’re reinforcing the idea that your brand is at the forefront of recognition, learning, and verified achievements. 

Digital credentials and marketing go hand-in-hand. We’ll break down exactly where to place your credentials and why that placement is so important to brand recognition. 

Click here to download your copy of the free infographic, “How to Reinforce Your Brand With Digital Credentials.”