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Don't be a Ghoul: Paper Certificates are Spooky

The internet recently turned 50 and with that, a slew of industries have been created alongside it. We expect almost every single area of our lives to be digitized, but many professional associations, higher education institutions, and even professional training providers have stayed firmly planted in the 20th century by issuing paper certificates.

Here’s a list of reasons paper certificates are spooky:

  • They’re expensive. Printer ink costs more than gold, per pound. Why waste money on printing paper certificates? Factor in the paper, the envelopes, and the shipping costs, and suddenly the expense is through the roof. 
  • They welcome fraud. Paper certificates can’t be verified in real-time like a digital credential, so someone can easily exaggerate the shelf-life of their skills with a paper certificate. For professional associations that timestamp their learnings, this could result in a significant loss of revenue and even membership enrollment.
  • Their visibility is limited. Think about how many people you see during a business day. Ten? Maybe twenty, on a busy day? Imagine if you could couple your credentials with a robust marketing impact. Digital credentials are meant to be shared, so every credential earner becomes a brand advocate for your organization. 

Everything else we do is online, so why should verified achievements be the exception? With the ability to manage brand guidelines, issue and revoke certifications in an instant, as well as the positive environmental impact by not printing and shipping paper certifications, digital credentials are the obvious choice for forward-thinking organizations.

If you’re interested in learning more about making the switch from paper to digital certifications, fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.