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Four Strategies Baby Boomers Can Use to Get Ahead in the Workforce


In our last blog post, we heard from Credly's own Dr. Susan Manning about the value of digital badges to an older workforce, and how to use digital badges to compete with a younger generation of workers.

While the millennial workforce is growing—by 2025, 75% of global workers are expected to be millennials—Baby Boomers and Generation Xers still make up a significant chunk of workers looking for job opportunities and career advancement. But, competing for career opportunities is getting more challenging for them. According to an AARP survey of older workers, 12% of respondents say they missed out on a promotion due to age.

So, how can older generations of workers even out the playing field when vying against millennials for jobs and promotions in the workplace? Here are a few strategies:

  • Update your resume. It’s important to make sure your resume feels current, not outdated. Focus on recent experience and skills that are relevant and in-demand. Remove mentions of outdated technology skills mastered years ago (best practice says anything over 10 years is likely outdated).

  • Take advantage of workplace learning and continuing education to keep your skills sharp. If certifications come with a digital badge, claim it and share it! LinkedIn profiles with digital badges are six times more likely to be viewed than those without.

  • Maximize professional associations. Do you belong to professional associations? Do they offer credentials? If so, request a digital credential to embed in your resume so hiring managers can quickly recognize and verify your skills.

  • Emphasize your soft skills. With more experience under your belt, you’ve had more time to hone communication, collaboration and leadership skills—areas that younger workers might lack. A PayScale survey found that only 13% of hiring managers felt that millennials were prepared for the workforce after college graduation, citing a lack of soft skills like critical thinking. This is another great area for featuring digital credentials earned for soft skills mastered on-the-job or through training.

Digital credentialing solutions like Credly can help corporations create a culture of recognition and clear career pathways across generations. To learn more, fill out the form below.