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How does EY Manage Its Digital Credentialing Program?

Jonathan Thornton, HR Systems Strategy & Operations Analyst at EY, was a panelist on Credly's webinar, "Visualize Your Organization's Talent Strategy With Digital Credentials." We learned how Ernst & Young is using digital credentials across the globe to engage their workforce.

Here are a few key learnings from EY's digital credentialing program: 

Q: What do business leaders see as the benefits of badges, particularly around the insight into globally consistent skills, targeted to client projects?

A: There are numerous benefits to the badges program but it is ultimately a way of developing our people with differentiating skills that are valued by our clients, both in the present and looking ahead to the future. By offering the skills to our workforce, we are encouraging innovation while increasing retention. We want EY to be the best place to continue to develop, apply and be rewarded for these new specialised skills.  It is also very beneficial to our employees, as this offers them the opportunity to develop their skills and invest in themselves while also recognizing their efforts and ultimately adds to their career value.

Q: How is training implemented at EY? Is it self-paced, instructor-led, facilitated?

A: Each badge has a curated list of learning relevant to that badge/sub domain but this is not exhaustive and the programme is designed to be relatively flexible, so a user can source courses they would like to complete provided they are able to offer course completion evidence. The courses vary but they are largely WBLs or videos and provided by a number of online MOOCs partners. There are no time frames pursuing a badge and so very much self-paced. Users can organise the learning around their own schedules and can take as much time as required to complete this component. They must also gain the experience requirements and provide a contribution to earn their badge.

Q: What is the validation process like and how did EY avoid making it administratively heavy? 

A: The process varies depending on badge level. Our bronze badges, which are our most popular, have a single stage review process. Users submit their badge application in the system, including necessary evidence, which goes to their counselor and then reviewed and approved/rejected. Silver, gold and platinum badges follow a similar first review process, however once they have ‘passed’ the initial counselor review, the applications are re-routed to a second level approver for additional validation. The silver and above second level approval process only happens twice a year as these badges require more detailed analysis to confirm the applicant has fulfilled the requirements to earn the badge. As the majority of our badges are bronze, the administrative effort is relatively low as it is the users counselor who acts as the approver. We have a repository of documentation to enable each counselor with the understanding and expectation of their role, the requirements of each badge, how they should determine whether the applicant has met the requirements and also how to navigate through the system and approve or reject the application accordingly in the system.

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