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How Symantec is Using Digital Credentials to Keep the Internet Safe


Cybersecurity professionals are in high demand right now, particularly at a time when scammers are exploiting users during a global pandemic, as well as increasing malware deployed in email links and social engineering systems.

But how do cybersecurity professionals set themselves apart from others in the marketplace? Broadcom’s Symantec Enterprise Division offers digital credentials and badges, providing earners increased value by enabling interested parties to view, verify, and identify qualified candidates in just one click. Symantec Certification demonstrates levels of technical competency, productivity, and industry recognition with increased opportunities for career advancement. Once a learner earns a digital badge on Credly’s Acclaim platform, they can share that badge with their manager, on social media, an email signature, or personal website. The visibility and verification of skills result in Symantec badge earners having professional credibility and increased career opportunities. 

Diego Leonardo Vera is a System Engineer who performs pre-sales, consultancies, implementations, and technical support for Symantec security products. His employer, InterLAN, is a Symantec Platinum Partner that offers services and products to all types of companies, most of which are financial. He reports feeling great satisfaction about how as a result of sharing the digital representations of his experience and certifications, he’s received several calls from companies interested in his profile and offering job opportunities. 

“In my current job, my certifications have been used in the presentation of product proposals to clients; it is a differentiating factor compared to competitor companies. The certification allows me to demonstrate knowledge and experience in the product, which shows clients that I am prepared to implement, support, and train on the purchased product, as well as demonstrates my capabilities to carry out consultancies.”

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