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How to Use Social Media to Highlight Your Professional Skills

This blog was originally published for Oracle. 

Oracle certification verification is a powerful way to show future employers or even your current employer that you’re qualified for a job, a skilled candidate for a promotion, and that you’re willing to go the extra mile to continuously upskill yourself to keep current on new technology. Digital credentials are a great way to highlight and validate your skills, but if you aren’t sharing them on social media, you’re missing out.

Oracle certifications range from Cloud Infrastructure to Certified Human Resources Cloud Specialist and everything in-between (do a quick LinkedIn search for “Oracle certifications” and you’ll see hundreds of results for verified badge earners).

Oracle certification badge earners run the gamut from novice to experienced, but they all have one thing in common: they have shared their verified credentials to their networks on social sites like LinkedIn and Twitter. Typical reactions to these certifications include dozens of likes and comments congratulating the badge earner on their accomplishments. 

Once a badge is shared on a social network, it allows your achievement to go beyond just your network. You’re opening yourself up to potentially hundreds of connections who are searching for your expertise. This amplification of achievement allows you, the badge earner, to take control of your career in a way that was once limited to the confines of your office

Remember paper certificates? They don’t quite have the same amplification power of a digital credential. 

Sharing your digital credentials from Oracle may seem like a self-reported achievement, but it’s not. Anyone who sees the social post with your credential in it can click on the update and will be taken directly to the credential landing page.

The landing page has extensive metadata explaining what went into earning the badge, as well as the badge verification number. It’s iron-clad proof that you know how to do what you’ve said you know how to do. 

Social media goes far beyond memes and gifs and has turned into a powerful learning tool. With over half of the world’s population actively using social media (there are over 2.3 billion monthly active users on Facebook alone), if you’re not advocating for yourself through your verified credentials, you’re missing a huge opportunity to change the culture of learning, of hiring, and even of education. 

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