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Introducing the New Talent Directory on Credly’s Acclaim Platform

Connecting earners with opportunities based on their unique achievements is a guiding principle at Credly, and we are introducing a new product feature that does just that: Talent Directory on Credly’s Acclaim platform.

Our new Talent Directory brings skills-based hiring and talent sourcing to the forefront. And, it gives organizations that issue digital credentials a way to bring exposure to their digital badge earners and make them more discoverable.  Here’s how it works: Recruiters and hiring managers can search for professionals who have earned specific credentials or skills from an issuing organization, then connect with them about job opportunities.

For issuers, the Talent Directory is a great way to showcase those who earn online credentials through a certification program, association, or training program. It’s an especially helpful tool for organizations that credential freelancers, consultants and other professionals. 

Another key aspect of Talent Directory on Credly’s Acclaim platform is that there are no special technical or development resources required for setup. And, Credly handles all compliance and GDPR requirements. 

Schedule a demo to have someone from our team show you the Talent Directory on Credly’s Acclaim platform in action.