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Leader 193 Provides Verification of Leadership Skills with Credly

Leader 193, which helps companies eliminate chaotic team environments and gain control of strategic priorities through executive coaching and web-based leadership development courses, today announces the rollout of a digital credentials program empowering corporate leaders to showcase their accomplishments. In working with Credly, the digital credentials leader, Leader 193 now provides digital badges to document the successful completion of online courses that supplement in-person training. 

Gallup research revealed that companies choose managers who lack the right talents and skills for a leadership role 82% of the time and estimate that this lack of leadership costs U.S. corporations billions of dollars annually. Leader 193 works closely with top organizations, including IBM, to provide a combination of online training, one-on-one executive coaching, and interactive workshops to employees who are part of the leadership cycle. The program currently offers three badges: Leadership Foundations: Professional, Leadership Foundations: Practitioner, and Leadership Foundations. 

"Partnering with Credly for digital credentials is vital for Leader 193,” said Errol Doebler, Founder of Leader 193. “We do not offer a "check-the-box" leadership curriculum. All of our participants are fully engaged on a daily basis to learn, implement, and execute Leader 193's core processes and principles at a high level. We are proud to provide the leaders who work with us these digital badges to publicly claim credit for their efforts...because they have earned it!"

Through Credly’s Acclaim platform, achievements are displayed, shared, easily accessed, and verified. Earned credentials can be directly used on professional networks and profiles, over email, and embedded in digital resumes and email signatures. Digital credentials help individuals stand out to employers so they can be discovered for new jobs, promotions, and other professional opportunities.

“Verified skills are an invaluable currency for organizational decision-making, empowering both employers and the individuals who make up the teams that keep a company moving forward,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO of Credly.  “In the emerging future of work where leadership skills like strategic planning and accountability are more important than ever, Leader 193 is focused on connecting those with these in-demand skillsets to the professional opportunities that require them, using trusted, data-rich proof of knowledge and abilities.”

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