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News: Credly Introduces Product Features to Support Career Pathing

Credly’s enhanced platform experience creates new engagement opportunities for issuing organizations and digital credential earners

NEW YORK, N.Y. (February 14, 2019) --  Today, Credly announced the launch of new features that provide organizations with a suite of enhanced tools to benchmark the impact of digital credentialing programs and empower professionals to do more with digital credentials they earn.

Leading credential issuers across a variety of industries including human capital management, associations, information technology, healthcare, finance, higher education, and others have integrated Credly’s digital credentialing platform into their skills management and recognition strategies at such a rapid rate that a digital credential is earned, shared, verified, or used through Credly every second of every business day.

“Our clients continue to embed digital credentials into their go-forward strategies. These new tools are a direct response to their feedback,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, founder and CEO of Credly. “Digital credentials are about opening doors to academic and professional opportunities. These enhancements are the next step in helping individuals discover and take action on those opportunities.”

For issuing organizations, Credly’s feature enhancements create a standardized data set for evaluating credential earner engagement; provide even more robust benchmarking to measure program results; and increase the discoverability of relevant digital credentials to new, potential earners.

“Credly is enabling us to identify and create targeted career paths for our candidates in ways that enable them to grow their skills and continue their learning journeys. They understand that retention and development are really two sides of the same coin,” said Susan Farago, Certification Program Manager at Scaled Agile. “The addition of more detailed badge attributes allows us to further define--and showcase--what it takes to earn a Scaled Agile badge.”

Credential earners will be able to more thoroughly represent the full story of their knowledge, skills, and abilities through their enhanced Credly profile. And thanks to Credly’s vast ecosystem of credential issuers, earners can now use their verified skills and certifications to gain more targeted recommendations to determine what’s next on their career paths, be it a related skill or additional credentials.  

Credly has also made publishing to blockchain available to all of its credential issuers. For those credential earners whose issuing organization chooses to enable blockchain technology, they will have one more avenue for sharing their achievements in a way that is secure and future-proof.