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News: Metacred & Credly

World’s Oldest Credential Management Firm Taps Credly to Recognize Certifications Through Shareable, Digital Badges

Partnership between Metacred and Credly will empower stakeholders to recognize and verify credential holders’ achievements online


Metacred, the world’s oldest existing full-service credential management company, announced the launch of a new initiative to provide its association clients with a seamless, scalable way to recognize and verify knowledge, skills, and abilities. Partnering with Credly, the digital credentialing leader, individuals and organizations that earn certifications, accreditations, certificates, or micro-credentials from Metacred’s client organizations will now receive digital credentials they can easily share with employers, customers, government regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders -- allowing the credential holders to more effectively promote their competencies, and advancing the interests of public safety, workforce development, and consumer protection.

“Associations have always played a critical role in helping people do their jobs better, both through training and by assessing and recognizing competencies through standard-setting programs, across diverse occupational roles from IT to healthcare,” said J David M. Rozsa, CEO of Metacred. “This partnership is about enabling associations to enhance the value proposition of certifications and other credentials in the digital era, empowering people to more effectively communicate what they know and can do for customers and employers.”

Through this partnership, all of Metacred’s client associations will be able to issue portable, digital credentials efficiently, in compliance with global standards, and at significantly lower cost than if each association were to pursue digital badging on its own. These badges enable credential earners to easily bring verified evidence of achievements to their resumes, online identity, and professional and social networks, and allow employers and customers to verify skills and expertise in real time.

Metacred already supports the recognition of workforce skills and industry standards by groups such as the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society, Consortium for School Networking, Federation of State Physician Health Programs, and European Society of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care. Metacred is the premier solution for organizations that need help creating and implementing legally defensible credentialing programs that are embraced by the credentialed occupation and its various stakeholders, bringing programs into compliance with accreditation standards, going global, or growing existing credentialing programs.

“This partnership with Metacred will allow some of the world’s leading associations to extend their reach and impact with digital credentials that verify members’ knowledge and skills,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, founder and CEO of Credly. “In an era of unprecedented demand for trusted, granular proof of competencies throughout the labor market, we’re pleased to help associations respond with a powerful platform that unlocks the value of credentials for the members and trades they serve.”