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    As the path from college to career becomes less linear, learning and employment become more intermingled. Adult students are on the rise at postsecondary institutions, bringing with them a prior learning experience. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, enrollment of students ages 25 to 34 years increased 35% between 2001 and 2015; and that enrollment is projected to increase by 11% by 2026. And, upskilling is happening at various points in one’s career--from on-the-job training to apprenticeships to self-led online training

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    Being able to recognize and verify someone’s skills and competencies acquired during their unique journey is more important than ever, and digital credentials pave the way for this.  More and more employers, associations, training providers, and educational institutions are issuing digital credentials--organizations using Credly’s Acclaim platform increased by 120% in 2019. For those looking to pursue credit from an academic institution for prior learning experience recognized by digital credentials, it’s now seamless with an official transcript from Credly

    An official transcript is a single, competency-based record of all the professional and academic digital credentials someone has earned in an easy-to-share digital format. Earners on Credly’s Acclaim platform can securely share all of the digital credentials they’ve earned from organizations in our network with a registrar or academic institution to request credit for learning. Sending an official transcript via Credly’s Acclaim platform is immediate and saves transaction time for earners.  Plus, official transcripts are digital and machine-readable by college admissions systems. 

    Hear more about the benefits of an official transcript in this podcast with Credly’s Chief Experience Officer

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