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Student Engagement & Workforce Development: Central Maine Community College Success Story

When Central Maine Community College (CMCC) launched its digital credentialing program in the spring of 2019, it focused its goals on two key areas: workforce development and student engagement. To meet those goals, the college (part of the Maine Community College System)  offers a mix of program-specific and soft skill-oriented digital credentials to help students forge learning and career pathways.

“Introducing digital badges--with all other things constant and no curriculum changes--has increased student engagement,” says Kern Philgence, curriculum designer at Central Maine Community College. “The moment we offered the badge for Information Literacy, we had students earning the badge, then asking ‘what’s next?’.” 

Our latest success story--Building Student Engagement and Workforce Development with Digital Credentials--details how CMCC is building pathways for manufacturing students with workforce-relevant credentials, where the college incorporates digital badges into soft skills training to engage students, and the plan for measuring program ROI. Download a free copy to read the full story.