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TESL-EJ Journal Article: "Open Digital Badges for the Uninitiated"

TESL-EJ, the Electronic Journal for English as a Second Language, has published an article entitled "Open Digital Badges for the Uninitiated" (May 2014 issue).


The journal article, written by James Buckingham of Zayed University, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, outlines a range of topics to help educators understand the potential for digital badges, including: use cases for students, teachers and principals; an exploration of the challenges that badges can address; credibility behind badges; and how to put a badge program in place. The article identifies a possible path to follow, taking readers through implementing a badge system using Credly.

"Credly affords the hosting, 'baking' and issuing of open digital badges for free. It also welcomes the import of both badge graphics and completed digital badges."

The full journal article is available here: