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The Added Value That Sets Oracle’s Digital Certification Credentials Apart

This blog was written by Brandye Barrington, Certification Program Manager at Oracle. 

Chances are you have earned a badge for an accomplishment – whether it’s a recognition award for work, a professional certification, or for reaching a new gaming level. Digital badges are pervasive across a wide range of activities and platforms. 

You may hold a digital credential that you worked hard for, studying long hours, researching, practicing, passing a tough exam, and possibly investing in extensive training. 

How do you help quiet a bit of the badging noise to make your badge stand out?

At Oracle, the Certification team has used the tools provided by Credly on its Acclaim platform to help solve this problem. As you know, badges are not all created equal. While all badges are valuable to the badge holder, some badges require much more work, or very different types of work, than others to earn.

The value of Oracle’s Certification, Completion, and Accomplishment badges is in the metadata housed on Credly’s platform. 

When a viewer clicks on your Oracle Certification badge image and is taken to the metadata, he or she can see:

  • an overview of your badge and what it entails, 
  • what skills you possess, and 
  • what steps you took to earn the badge. 
Distinguishing Between Oracle Certification Badge Levels

Top-tier badges - Oracle Certification badges – require, among other things, passing a high stakes exam with a proctor present. This is reflected in the badge metadata. These include Oracle certification credentials from Associate level (OCA) through Master level exams (OCM) and include Specialty certifications.

Other Oracle badges on Credly’s Acclaim platform may signify completion of a training course or series of courses and may also include passing an online assessment. These include Luminary badges earned through Oracle LaunchPad and other Oracle course-specific skills assessments.

Viewers can easily gauge the level of your digital credential and what this accomplishment actually means in a broader picture.

Use Your Oracle Digital Credential to Find Open Job Positions Relevant to Your Skills

In addition to the benefit of having a clear summary of what it means to hold a specific badge, Oracle badge holders can access valuable labor market insights that provide real-time job openings that match their skills – inside the badge platform. 

Oracle Certification badges on the Credly platform are robust, secure, and verifiable. Badge-holders lost adrift in the sea of over-credentialing can anchor to these important qualities that are the measure of a digital credential’s value, recognition, and staying power.