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These Are the Skills the World Needs Right Now


No one could have predicted several months ago that business, education, and life, in general, would shift so dramatically, so quickly. Now that we’re living in a world that looks a lot different than it did last year, adapting and evolving to meet the changing needs of our communities is the difference between thriving and becoming obsolete. 

Here are the skills that anyone can learn right now, to help become part of the new future of work.

  1. IBM is offering free COBOL training. COBOL is a nearly century-old computer programming language that many state governments still use today to keep their unemployment records up-to-date. Maintaining a COBOL system wasn’t an issue in the past, but with the tremendous surge of unemployment claims in the last few weeks, states like New Jersey and Kansas are pleading for volunteers with COBOL skills to help keep their systems running, ensuring that everyone who needs unemployment benefits can receive them. If you’re interested in learning more about COBOL programming, IBM says next month it will expand its COBOL training material to include a series of videos on online learning platforms. 
  2. Tilt365 offers leadership training. Keeping a level head during times of uncertainty is an admirable trait. If a calm demeanor comes naturally to you, that’s great! If it doesn’t, and times of uncertainty like what we’re living in right now keep you up at night, then learning how to control your emotions, and then teaching those techniques to others, is valuable. Learn those valuable skills through Tilt365’s training program, and get a digital badge after you’ve acquired your new skills. 
  3. Data analysis remains an in-demand skill. No one can predict the future, but making informed decisions about what’s coming down the pike is helpful regardless of industry. Organizations like Coursera, Informa, and the National Workforce Career Association are all offering courses and digital credentials that both create, and hone, data analysis skills. Additionally, Tableau is offering people free access to its learning platform for three months. The free access is to a number of learning curriculums and results in role-based badges.