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Unmanned Safety Institute Launches New Digital Credentialing Initiative with Credly

Unmanned Safety Institute, the leading aviation-based safety training provider for unmanned operations, announced today the launch of a new digital badging program for its certification holders. Individuals who complete coursework/training and earn a passing score on one of the proctored exams or operational evaluations will earn an Unmanned Safety Institute digital credential. 
“For employers," said Josh Olds, President of USI," our digital badges make it easy to standardize current remote pilot teams, identify individuals with the knowledge and skills commensurate to the size and complexity of their operations, and to verify that those skillsets are relevant and up-to-date.” 
"Employers are building entire talent strategies backed by digital credentials to make more informed, efficient decisions around new hires, talent allocation, and team building, "said Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO of Credly. "Unmanned Safety Institute is preparing a uniquely qualified and skilled workforce for the future of aviation technology, and their digital credentials serve as valuable decision-making tools for employers in this emerging field." 
Read the full press release here.