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What Do Innovation & Marketing Have in Common?


What do innovation and marketing have in common?  In the case of Disney, Revlon, Netflix, AirBnB, and GE, the answer was, and still is, a recession. 

Confused yet? 

Innovation is easier to bring to fruition when teams are leaner and the red-tape is shorter, both of which are likely scenarios during a recession. That’s why, when economic times are tough, it’s easier to create life-changing products. But, creating a good idea and making money from a good idea are two separate things. Monetizing innovation takes effective marketing and that’s where digital credentials come in. 

Not only are digital credentials an impactful marketing tool (they save organizations like IBM more than $10  million dollars in marketing spend), they’re also an out-of-the-box solution for problems like employee retention, member engagement, and customer acquisition for training and certification providers. They give organizations a double bang for their buck because they recognize and validate an individual’s achievements and create something that lends itself to being shared on social media. That shareability of your brand, values, and products  makes the marketing possibilities endless. When digital credentials are shared on social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn, they garner a huge response from the earner’s network. Messages of congratulations and questions about the training program are abundant, and both make a positive difference in your organization’s marketing efforts. 

If you find yourself at an organization that needs to revamp its image, marketing campaigns, or revenue sources, then it's time to put digital credentials to work. Let us show you how joining Credly’s network can transform your organization. 

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