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What's It Going to Take to Restore Corporate America?

Does your company have a learning mindset? If you're pausing to think about it, the answer is likely "no." That's a mistake in any economy, but now, not focusing on ongoing training and learning could have devastating consequences for your organization going forward. It's about laying the groundwork for the future.

For managers or HR and training pros, few things are as important as hiring, recruiting, and retaining great employees. They are the lifeblood of any company, and if it's your role to handle staffing, you know getting the right people in the right seats, and keeping them there, is Job One. One hot button on the jobs front right now, especially for millennial and Gen Z job seekers, is continually learning and training. They want it, period.

Before the pandemic hit, when the United States was at record low unemployment levels and hiring became as competitive as the "Hunger Games," this enormous swath of job seekers was demanding the opportunity for ongoing training and learning to even consider an interview. To be clear, they weren't asking for training for the job they were being hired to do. Job training is given. They wanted opportunities to increase their skill levels, rise to new heights, and gain knowledge and experience for new positions. In short, they were thinking about their careers long term, not just about the particular job they were seeking.

That's one thing that hasn't changed because of COVID. It's still as essential today as it was before 2020 turned everything upside down. It might be even more so. Why? Because of the pandemic, the lockdown, and not being able to socialize as we normally would have pulled the rug out from under the sense of security many people felt, not just about their jobs, but about life in general. This new uncertainty about the world is translating to job seekers not caring about the kinds of frivolous and fun benefits that were popular a few years ago, like free lunches or beer fridges. They want stability, security, and a clear path into the future.

It means a shift in thinking for many companies. A learning mindset is a must. But that doesn't mean everyone from the CEO on down has to suddenly become a learning evangelist. It's easier than that to effect change. The Harvard Business Review identifies three factors that make up a learning organization: An environment that's supportive of learning, concrete learning processes and practices, and leadership support.

You can accomplish all three of those things by offering your employees the opportunity to upskill, learn, and grow by earning digital credentials.

It's a win for so many reasons. A strong digital credentials program:

1) Demonstrates to potential new hires and current employees you care about their futures
2) Provides concrete ways for employees to learn and acquire new skills
3) Lays down a roadmap for success, both at the company and if they should leave, fostering goodwill
4) Strengthens careers within your company
5) Creates an internal pipeline of skilled workers to carry your company into the future
6) Gives you verification at a glance that your people have actually mastered those skills
7) Broadcasts that learning and upskilling are important values for your company
8) Creates opportunities for employee recognition based on skills development
9) Creates friendly competition among employees built around learning, training, and skills development

It boils down to an environment that is supportive of and built on, learning. At Credly, we're the specialists in helping companies offer digital credentials programs to their employees. We see those positives every day. If you'd like more information about how offering digital credentials can strengthen your company, contact us today.