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White Paper: How individuals benefit from earning digital credentials

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Digital credentials help individuals gain recognition for their achievements--and make those achievements portable, verifiable, and discoverable. More and more organizations are using digital credentials to improve workforce readiness and upskill employees to keep pace with the advancements in technology, automation, and artificial intelligence transforming business.

A new white paper from Credly on The Future of Human Capital Management takes a look at the pivotal role digital credentials play in transforming the competencies, processes, and technology required of the 21st century workforce, along with the benefits they provide to individuals that earn credentials from an organization.

“After getting certified and adding the badge to my professional profile, two CEOs from local companies got in touch with me to work with them on a project,” says Saint-Paul Tinga, a software architect and developer, who was issued a digital badge through Credly’s Acclaim platform to represent his Oracle certification.

To read the full white paper and learn more about how digital credentials are transforming the workforce, download a copy of The Future of Human Capital Management: How individuals benefit from earning digital credentials here.