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White Paper: How organizations benefit from issuing digital credentials

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Technology, automation, and artificial intelligence advancements are spurring a digital transformation across businesses. A growing number of organizations are using digital credentials to address the global talent shortage and skills gap resulting from the transformation, through data driven decisions and greater insight into their workforce.

A new white paper from Credly on The Future of Human Capital Management takes a look at the pivotal role digital credentials play in transforming the competencies, processes, and technology required of the new workforce. It also details how organizations can benefit from issuing digital credentials.

Read more about creating a culture of recognition through digital credentials, and how issuing badges helps identify and retain talent.

“As I talk to leaders at global companies, they report that digital credentials are not a nice-to-have, but a strategic imperative to keep, attract, and value their most important asset--their people,” says Jonathan Finkelstein, digital credentialing pioneer and CEO of Credly, in the whitepaper.

Download a copy of The Future of Human Capital Management: How organizations benefit from issuing digital credentials here, to learn about the rise of digital credentials and the results they produce for engaging, training and retaining the workforce.