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Why Does Your Organization Need Role-Based Credentials?

If you were to go into brain surgery tomorrow, you’d expect that the doctor behind the scalpel had years of training and experience dealing with the inner workings of the brain. You’d expect that the operating room nurses knew exactly how to handle brain surgeries. What you wouldn’t want, in that case, is to be met by a pediatrician or a physical therapist. While pediatricians are amazing and necessary, they serve a specific purpose to heal a specific portion of the population.

Of course, there are general surgeons, but trusting one to operate on a vital organ would make most people uneasy. It would probably make your insurance company uneasy, too. The easiest way to mitigate risk is to ensure that the person on the job is up-to-date with their skills and can do exactly what they say they can do. See why roles-based credentials are important?

The same logic applies to accountants, construction contractors, call center managers, IT professionals such as Certified Cloud Practitioners and data scientists, and dozens of other specialized careers that operate under the understanding of specialized training and learning. Verified proof of skills through digital credentials, which can be confirmed in real-time to avoid outdated or expired credentials from being shared, are the future of work. Real-time verification of skills is industry agnostic. There isn’t one field that can benefit from digital badges more than another. With the upheaval in the American economy in the last few months, hiring managers need to cut back on the noise and clutter of applications and drill down to who has the most relevant, verified skills. 

Generalists are necessary in some organizations, but role-based credentials offer clear career pathways to the earner of the credential and create efficiencies for employers during the hiring process. 

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