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    Learn how organizations are leveraging digital credentials to achieve dynamic business outcomes.
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    Managers analyzing digital credentialing program metrics for enhanced performance insights

    Organizations must stay competitive and adapt to rapid technological advancements. Digital credentials are a transformative tool in an organization's upskilling and reskilling strategy.

    From increased employee engagement to driving ROI and gaining a competitive edge, discover how digital credentials can help you effectively measure, evaluate and demonstrate positive business outcomes.


    Using Credly Analytics

    Pictogram-RGB-Sky Blue_Secured performance


    Total Badges Issued: Measure the progress of your program


    Pictogram-RGB-Sky Blue_Active shieldTotal Acceptance Rate: Track when earners accept the digital credentials

    Pictogram-RGB-Sky Blue_Social network-51

    Badge Shares: Measure the marketing reach of your program


    Pictogram-RGB-Sky Blue_UI-UX developmentTraffic to Your Website: Report on badge-driven traffic for brand awareness and marketing ROI

    Pictogram-RGB-Sky Blue_TargetBenchmarking Data: Benchmark your program against industry standards


    These metrics serve as critical indicators of the effectiveness and impact of their digital credentialing programs.

    By combining digital credentials data with other stats, organizations can show the correlation of tangible business outcomes and build a comprehensive ROI picture for L&D programs.


    Impactful Credentialing Successes

    Here are a few real-life successful credentialing examples showcasing the positive business outcomes experienced by organizations worldwide.

    Increased Employee Engagement

    Pearson's 'Teaching with the Global Scale of English' initiative boosted employee engagement. With 90% badge acceptance, two-thirds of completions came from sales and marketing roles, demonstrating proactive involvement. Additionally, badge earners actively shared achievements on social media, becoming initiative champions.


    Developed a Culture of Learning

    PVH University's adoption of Credly has elevated course completion rates, boasting a 77% digital badge acceptance rate. This has fostered a vibrant culture of learning across the organization. Charlie Forty, Senior Director of Talent Development at PVH Corp, credits Credly badges for sparkling excitement and facilitating skill-sharing among colleagues.


    Increased Productivity

    Grant Thornton LLP aimed to become a skills-based organization. By using digital badge shareability, they increased course completion rates and spread awareness of their badging program. Metadata from Credly badges combined with other sources of assessment data revealed that badge earners managed 18% more total engagement value and exceeded billable hour targets by 0.9%.


    Increased Revenue

    The iSell initiative at Pearson, launched globally in 2021, not only improved sales training but also generated impressive ROI. Learners reported a $14.5 million increase in ROI attributed to iSell skills, with an average ROI of $28,500 per sales deal. Digital badges motivate learners to showcase skills, with an outstanding $84 return for every $1 spent on iSell training, highlighting its substantial impact on revenue growth.

    Increased Employee Morale

    Johnson Controls, a global leader in smart, sustainable buildings, implemented a credentialing program to enhance service quality and customer confidence. Leveraging digital badges as points of pride and accomplishment, employees were motivated to participate in training programs. With a 95% acceptance rate of digital badges and a 62% share rate on social media platforms, employees enthusiastically showcased their achievements.

    “It was amazing to see how many people reacted so positively to our badges–especially so early in the rollout process before we could do any sort of promotion. People started coming out of the woodwork to see how they could earn a badge, and that just made interest in our credentialing program skyrocket.”

    Vice President of Customer Success, Johnson Controls
    Samuel Girard

    Enhanced Employer Branding & Reputation

    Johnson Controls' digital credentialing program also bolstered brand awareness and reputation. Endorsed by executives, it received a positive reception, driving increased interest. Tony Bleything, Senior Learning Experience Designer, emphasized Credly-backed OpenBlue badges' prestige, differentiating the company in the industry. This elevated confidence in service technicians enhanced brand reputation, boosting customer confidence and satisfaction.


    Unlock the Potential of Digital Credentials 

    Experience the transformative power of digital credentialing programs, from heightened employee engagement to boosted productivity and revenue growth. Utilize metrics such as total badges issued and acceptance rates to track program effectiveness and correlate with business outcomes. Discover how Credly Analytics can optimize your credentialing programs.



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