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Credly & GSV Start-up Bootcamp Collaborate on Digital Badges

The spirit of entrepreneurship is engrained in the culture here at Credly, given that we’re a startup formed by a team with years of experience launching new businesses. It drives decisions we make as an organization even today, so when we first heard about the new GSV Startup Bootcamp, we knew it was an initiative we could get behind. 

Entrepreneurship accelerates economic growth, which will be more important than ever as we navigate the new future of work shaped by COVID-19 and the ensuing recession. And although a recession is no one’s idea of a great time to launch a business, it can actually provide opportunities for market shifts and disruption. For example, after the 2008 recession, powerhouse companies AirBNB and Uber launched. 

The GSV Startup Bootcamp was created in reaction to the pandemic and the realization that now is the time to really invest in those idea-makers and disruptors whose ideas could lead us all toward the next innovation or business model we’ll need in the near future. Over 5,000 individuals from 65 countries participated in the inaugural GSV Startup Bootcamp over the summer of 2020. 

Over the course of seven weeks, aspiring entrepreneurs completed a series of curriculum and assignments that culminated in a final pitch to potential investors. Those individuals who completed every single assignment and contributed to a pitch became GSV Bootcamp Certified and earned a digital credential that detailed their achievement. That achievement, along with their business idea, can be easily shared on social media, on their personal websites, and email signatures. 

The digital badge issued through Credly can be used by earners to show potential investors that the they have undergone a rigorous learning experience and demonstrated knowledge in the basics of building and pitching a startup, the mindset required for success, MVP and product development, basic startup finance, growth strategies, and team and culture impacts on organizations. 

One entrepreneur who is newly GSV Bootcamp Certified is Deb Lee, of Dancing Panda, an education technology startup that delivers regular text messages to parents and caregivers with curated offline games and activities that parents can do with their children in everyday moments. Deb completed the full GSV Startup Bootcamp and earned her digital credential. 

“The GSV Startup Bootcamp was an amazing experience, and I am so glad I participated. The program was exactly what I needed, in terms of support, to help me push forward with launching Dancing Panda,”said Lee.  “Michael Moe and his team were able to get some incredible speakers to share their wisdom with us. I learned from the best on a variety of subjects including how to build a strong team and culture and what financial metrics I’ll need to focus on as I grow my business. Not only will I be using what I learned from the boot camp for years to come, but I've also met some other amazing entrepreneurs whom I will stay in touch with as well. I’m thankful also to have also earned my digital credential with Credly. I plan on adding it to my LinkedIn profile as well as my resume, and I believe it will show to investors and other stakeholders in my network that I am serious about launching my business."