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Integrating Your Digital Credentials with Learning Management Systems

Whether you’re looking to digitize your product certifications or are already issuing digital credentials, your digital credentialing platform needs to integrate with your existing learning management systems.

Testing, verifying, and administering your certifications can be time consuming and costly, especially for organizations that are trying to scale their program.

For organizations pushing to go digital, a platform that integrates with your existing learning management system will cut down on resources needed and decrease time-to-market, increasing the likelihood of stakeholder buy-in. For those who already issue digital credentials but want to scale, a seamless integration will save your team time by working with the programs you already use.

Let's look a little deeper at why integrating your digital credentials with learning management systems is so important, and how some providers make it easier than others.

How platforms sync with digital credentials

Tests and assessments are essential to gauging an individual’s skills after a certification course. With the right integration, testing and issuing digital badges post-assessment can be simple and automated, which is a plus for both your team and your earners. An integration makes it so your earners’ digital credentials are automatically issued to them based on triggers you can set up in your LMS or CRM. In addition to automatically issuing a digital badge to earners who complete specific criteria, some other examples of triggers that can be set up are adding certification earners to a spreadsheet, importing verified digital credentials earned to your individual earners’ profiles, and more.

Pre-built LMS integrations for product certification providers

Credly’s Acclaim platform integrates with dozens of popular LMS platforms to automate the issuing of digital credentials within your existing workflow. Here are some popular Credly integrations, and how they work to make issuing digital credentials easier.


Zapier connects to more than 3,000 applications, broadening the scope of LMS, HR talent apps, and CRM systems that can integrate with a digital credential platform. Their automation tools are designed to help companies get instant notifications, track leads, and engage with new customers.

“Zaps” can automate repetitive tasks in apps that companies use everyday. And, it’s designed to be used by people who don’t have technical expertise––no coding or engineering required to implement this low-tech integration. Not only does this save time and money on development resources, but it’s also easy to set up.

With Zapier, people can easily create triggers based on actions from their CRM, LMS, or even a spreadsheet. When Zapier is paired with a platform like Credly where earners can manage their digital credentials in-platform and have access to tools and resources that connect them to opportunities, it’s an all-around stress-free, seamless experience.


Skilljar is an enterprise customer training platform used to onboard, engage, and retain new and long-term customers at scale. Within the platform, users are able to access data and insights, create specialized learning paths, and adhere to stringent security requirements and a global user base.

Not only does Skilljar provide the tools and foundation needed for successful customer and partner engagement and enablement, but it also increases adoption and retention rates by creating robust and trackable customer training experiences.

With this integration, digital credentials earned via a training course on Skilljar can be automatically issued on Credly.

Here are a few other popular integrations for organizations who issue product certifications:

  • Alpine, a leading test development and psychometric services company for Information Technology (IT) certification programs, professional credentialing, licensure, and educational testing.
  • Kryterion, a full-service software solution for professional associations and businesses developing and delivering exams, and psychometric services.
  • Pearson VUE delivers high-stakes exams that certify and license professionals across a variety of industries, focused on those who safeguard and advance their communities.
  • Degreed connects learning and career growth to business opportunities in their LXP (learning experience platform).

At Credly, we believe in eradicating the barriers that prevent skilled, knowledgeable, and talented people from growing their skillset and their careers. Issuing digital credentials as seamlessly as possible helps us get there. If you’re interested in seeing how Credly can integrate with your existing CRM and LMS platforms, contact our sales team or set up a free demo today.