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Physical Meet Digital: World’s Badge Leaders on Identity and Belonging - A Conversation with Suzy Ganz

Join Credly CEO, Jonathan Finkelstein, for a series of conversations with people advancing change that leads to a better and more equitable future of work. Meet change-makers, problem-solvers, and leaders who are bringing big ideas and doing the hard work.

In this episode, Jonathan chats with Suzy Ganz, the CEO & Chairman of Lion Brothers. Suzy is also Chairman of the Baltimore Board of Directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and a member of the Board of Directors of Credly.

Founded in 1899, Lion Brothers is the leading designer and manufacturer of apparel brand identity products. Yes, the original badge company. 

For over a century, Lion has been telling the story of identity through embroidered patches, emblems, and symbols that hundreds of millions wear proudly every day. They turn symbols of achievement and belonging into beautiful, tactile, and wearable designs for the world’s most notable apparel brands, corporations, and not-for-profits, from Major League Baseball, NBA and NFL, Nike, and Adidas, to the Girl Scouts and NASA astronauts.

In this conversation, the leader in physical badges and emblems talks to the leading voice in digital badges and credentials. Suzy and Jonathan chat about the power of visual emblems and badges in the Black Lives Matter movement, women in leadership roles, tech innovation and careers in manufacturing, and how symbols help shape relationships and community.