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Can Peer Pressure on Social Media Be a Good Thing?

Everyone does it: we take a few minutes here or there to scroll through our phones or social media feeds every once in a while in an attempt to clear our minds or keep up with what’s happening around the world. It’s important to walk away from work-related tasks from time to time and most of us default to social media given its semi-mindless nature. 

While there’s plenty to recoil about on social media, there’s also plenty to celebrate. If you’re active on Twitter or LinkedIn, you may notice your colleagues or peers sharing updates about learning something new, job promotions, or other major life achievements and you may have celebrated that success with them in the form of a “like,” or a retweet. At some point, those exciting life moments that your friends share may cause you to reflect on your own progress and that’s a good thing, especially if it encourages you to take steps toward achieving your goals 

There are thousands of digital credential earners who share their digital badges on social media every day. Do a quick search on LinkedIn or Twitter for “View My Verified Achievement” and you’ll get pages of examples from actual badge earners.  A simple click on the update will bring you directly to their earner profile, and you’ll see exactly what it is that they’ve learned, what it took to earn that badge, and who issued it. And if you take a look at the likes and positive comments from the individual’s network about that verified achievement, you’ll understand how social media can be more than just a mindless brain-break. It can be a catalyst for action. If that sounds interesting to you, go for it! Learn something, share it, and inspire others to do so, too. 

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