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    The Latest Resources in Digital Credentials and Workforce Skills

    Discover what digital credentials are and how they are reshaping the recognition and validation of skills in the evolving landscape of learning and development.
    Digital Badges Defined - Why are they becoming so important in learning and development_110823-01
    Establishing Governance: A Foundation for Success in Digital Credentialing

    What’s your first step when developing a digital credentialing program? Is it choosing a...

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    The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Digital Credentialing Platforms

    Download this ultimate buyer’s guide to digital credentialing platforms to:

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    Learning & Development Metrics That Your C-suite Will Care About

    Amazon has declared its commitment to invest $1.2 billion in employee training by the...

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    How to Make the Most of Your L&D Budget in 2024

    As the global skills shortage becomes more pronounced, organizations must be smart about...

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    What To Prioritize With A Limited L&D Budget

    A LinkedIn report shows that 87% of L&D leaders agree learning and development (L&D)...

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    Making the Shift: Implementing Verified Skills with Credly

    Emerging technologies like automation and AI are significantly impacting workforce...

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    Optimizing L&D Investments for a Multi-Generational Workforce with Digital Credential

    The modern workforce is a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, consisting of individuals...

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    Transforming Skills Data from Digital Badges into Actionable Insights

    In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving workplace landscape, more organizations are...

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