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How to Run an Engaging Online Meeting

Commanding a virtual room is a completely different beast than commanding a crowd in person. The rules are different, the engagement is different, and the follow-up is different. Hosting an online gathering is no easy task, but with these three tips, you’ll learn how to run an engaging and memorable online gathering. 

  • Ask for participation at the start of the meeting. People learn when they’re engaged in conversation, not when they’re talked at. Ask that your meeting participants engage with the content either live in real-time, or by submitting questions to the presenter/teacher. Interpersonal connectedness is critical as the working and teaching world is increasingly online, so opening the lines of communication early (and often) will allow meeting participants to feel connected to the subject material. 
  • Bring in subject matter experts. Learning online provides the opportunity to connect experts from around the world and removes the barriers associated with traveling and even scheduling problems. If you’re shifting your webinar or meetings to online instead of in-person, use this format to call on panelists who may not have been able to attend live but now have the flexibility to share their expertise with your audience virtually. 
  • Issue digital credentials to meeting attendees. Digital credentials are an effective way to verify that someone knows a skill. If your online meeting goes beyond just a status update and requires that your audience engage in the content and come away with a new skill or actionable information, issuing digital credentials after the course is completed (or after a test is administered once the course is completed) is a great way to both engage your attendees as well as to confirm that your content was meaningful. 

Running a series of webinars or virtual meetings allows your organization to be the authority on your area of expertise. Teaching styles have more flexibility when done virtually and individuals are allowed the freedom to learn at their own pace and comfort level. Every session that’s offered virtually has the potential to market the next meetup in the series, creating engagement and high retention. 

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