Measuring the ROI of your Membership Association's Badging Program​ 

    To showcase the value of your memberships and programs in a competitive market, it is essential first to measure the impact of your offerings so that you can effectively communicate positive results.
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    Discussing ROI of their membership association's badging program

    A key challenge professional associations face is communicating their benefits effectively to members to differentiate themselves in a competitive market. The goal is to convince current and prospective members and individual learners that they are the ideal choice to help them cultivate and display their skills. To demonstrate the value of your memberships and programs in a competitive market, firstly, you need to measure the impact of your offerings so you can communicate the positive results effectively. 

    One way you can demonstrate the value of your membership and program is through digital credentials. A digital credential is a verified, shareable representation of the skills and knowledge a member has gained through your association's programs. It gives members a tangible way to showcase their achievements and communicate their skills to potential employers.

    Unlocking the Potential of Digital Credentials

    The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), comprising over 650 leading media and technology companies in the United States, launched a digital credentialing program so their certification holders can easily share verified achievements with employers, peers and professional networks.  

    In the first year of its badging relationship with Credly, IAB achieved outstanding results: 

    • IAB issued over 6,000 badges in 15 months. 
    • IAB certification holders are highly engaged, with more than 66% of badges being claimed. 
    • 43% of IAB badge earners reportedly received positive feedback from their professional network after sharing a badge. 

    These findings indicate that members who obtain a digital credential exhibit increased motivation to finish their professional development courses,  express a stronger interest in maintaining their membership and are more likely to apply the skills they learned. 

    A digital credential can also include a digital badge, which is a visual representation of the achievement that members can easily share on their online profiles and resumes. This allows members to stand out in the job market and show employers their dedication to developing their skills.  

    But the benefits of digital credentials don't end there. By showcasing the impacts of your memberships and programs through digital credentials, you can effectively exhibit the worth of your association's offerings to prospective members.

    How to Effectively Measure the Impact of Your Badging Program? 

    • Survey your members: Monitor overall member satisfaction with the badging program through surveys and feedback. Ask members about your program's impact on their career, job performance and networking opportunities. This feedback can help you identify areas where your program is excelling and areas where it needs improvement. 
    • Track career outcomes: Keep track of the career outcomes of members who have completed your professional development program. This can include promotions, salary increases, or new job opportunities. 
    • Monitor employer satisfaction: Ask employers about the value they see in hiring individuals with your association's credentials. This feedback can help you understand your program's impact on the job market. 
    • Measure members' referrals: Track referrals from existing members who have completed the badging program. If they actively recommend the membership or training program to their peers, it indicates that they find value in it. 
    • Utilize analytics: Utilizing the Acclaim platform's analytics function can provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of your badging program. By examining areas like badge issuance and acceptance rates, web traffic, skill endorsements, and more, you can better understand the impact and value of your program. 

    Today's workforce expects more than just training and memberships from professional associations. Instead, they seek a visible and clear demonstration of their skills and networking opportunities that enhance their professional profile. By measuring the impact of your badging program, you can showcase its value to members, ultimately helping you attract more members, strengthen your reputation in the market, and deliver a tangible return on investment for your association. 

    If you provide programs for highly regulated industries, it is essential to take into account the specific requirements of your learners and members who work in these industries. As these industries are continuously changing, it is crucial that your training programs keep up with their evolving needs without overwhelming them with excessive information. For more information on how professional associations can support these training and certification needs, check out our whitepaper here.

    Credly Acclaim offers professional associations access to advanced analytics, enabling you to monitor digital badge acceptance rates, views, shares, and more, ensuring continuous outreach to new members. Schedule a demo today to discover how you can measure the impact of your professional development program and effectively communicate its value through digital credentials. 

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