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Not All Badges Are Created Equal: How to Spot a Gamification Badge

Earning a badge is no small feat. If you’re relying on hiring or promoting employees who have demonstrated abilities, especially ones that can be securely verified, then knowing how to discern what went into earning that badge is the difference between a potentially great hire and someone who may not have what it takes to get the job done.

Not all badges are created equal. Digital credentials that are issued on Credly’s platform come with extensive metadata that an issuer creates that very clearly outline what went into someone earning that badge. If someone earns a badge that perhaps didn’t take a lot of time or effort to earn (think: participation trophies, only digital) then chances are those badges aren’t coming with a vetted source of verification and won’t be useful in people and hiring management. 

Here’s what to look out for when you’re trying to confirm the legitimacy of a digital badge: 

  1. The person earning the badge had to prove that they could demonstrate a new skill or ability. The earner of the badge didn’t just show up to something, or happen to be in the right place at the right time. Earners of verified digital credentials have taken tests, courses, and documented learning to earn their badges. They were earned, not handed out.
  2. Digital credentials are 3rd party verified. A real digital credential isn’t self-reported. If a badge earner learned something, then an issuing body confirmed that knowledge and verified their learning through the conferring of a digital credential. Gamification badges are handed out at higher volumes because they’re easier to earn and are typically self-reported.
  3. Gamification badges are easy to earn and even easier to share. Since little effort probably went into earning a gamification badge, and they’re typically designed to skew towards a childlike aesthetic, hiring managers should take caution when viewing a gamification badge on an online profile or resume. If a job-seeker can’t fully articulate what went into earning a badge, chances are it didn’t take much effort to earn. 

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