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Not All Digital Badging Platforms Can Do what Credly Does

Credly has issued more than 30 million digital credentials in every country in the world. That’s more than 30 million achievements that are verified, secure, and backed by extensive metadata. Organizations like IBM, Microsoft, and Adobe, as well as professional associations and higher education institutions around the world trust that the skills they’re teaching can easily be verified and shared. 

Isn’t a digital badge just a pretty icon? Nope. Digital credentials aren’t the same as gamification badges. Every badge issued through Credly represents a resume-worthy achievement. 

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Here are five ways that Credly is unlike any other credentialing platform.

  • Security. Credly is the only digital credentialing platform with three ISO certifications, and is fully GDPR compliant, in addition to our subprossesors being compliant too. We respect the significant responsibility of collecting personally identifiable information and the trust that our customers place in us to protect that information, and we guard it vigilantly. 
  • Success. Your digital credentialing program is not “set-it-and-forget-it.” We have a best-in-class customer success team that is with you every step of the way, from onboarding and launching, to support, to continuously optimizing your program to achieve your business results. Credly provides best practices, templates, benchmarks, and analytics that ensure your program reaches its full potential. We’re also the only digital credentialing provider that offers in-depth consulting services that help ensure your credentialing program is best-in-class.
  • Network. Global corporations like Facebook, IBM, Oracle, and CompTIA as well as professional associations, higher education institutions, and K-12 schools issue digital credentials on Credly. Once onboard, Credly customers have the benefit of learning from other Credly customers, creating an unmatched network of trusted issuers. We’re also the only credentialing platform that verifies our issuers. Your badges will be in good company on Credly’s platform. 
  • Analytics. Credly’s platform allows organizations to surface rich insights into how their badges are performing. Whether it be the badge acceptance rate, data on how often badges are shared, or identifying leading influencers, Credly equips organizations with the data they need to make not only their badging program successful but their learning and development programs successful as well. Credly’s platform also provides a search feature, allowing your program to be discovered by new audiences. 
  • Discover. Once learners earn their digital badge, they join a network of badge earners that are now visible to your hiring managers, human resources, and business leaders. Credly helps surface your earners’ talents and skills, allowing them (and your organization) to benefit from social sharing, Credly’s Talent Directory, and badge endorsements and recommendations. Credly is the only badging platform with a search feature so your program can be discovered by new audiences.

If you’re interested in joining the Credly network and issuing digital credentials that validate your learning and development programs, we’d love to show you how our platform works. Whether you’re issuing 1,000 badges or 1 million badges, Credly will help your organization design and deploy a best-in-class digital badging program that will help your organization achieve its goals.