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Stop Ignoring Soft Skills During the Hiring Process

Technical skills are a great way for a prospective employee to get their foot in the door.  Especially if those skills are verified with a digital credential, a prospective employee is already vetted and professedly capable of doing the job they’re interviewing for.

What happens when that employee is hired and just isn’t that likable, or lacks presentation skills? Faking it during an interview is easy--a prospect only has to be “on” for a short amount of time--but once the job is filled and the real work starts, how can you ensure that the person hired is really the right cultural fit?

Enter: soft skills. They are incredibly valuable abilities that can be the difference between a thriving or failing employee. Soft skills, such as empathy, creativity, persuasion, adaptability, and time management, are the foundational skills of a great leader. Now it’s easier than ever to prove that a prospective or current employee possesses these skills, making the hiring and promotion process clear and objective. With the job market being as competitive as it currently is, and with hiring being as costly as it is, getting the right people in the right jobs is paramount to a company’s success. Hiring managers can have a holistic view of who a prospect is, as opposed to just what they’re capable of, before an offer is extended, which benefits the hiring organization, as well as the prospective employee.

Soft skills are often undervalued because it’s harder to prove their worth over technical skills. With job-related skills, a prospective employee has to demonstrate that they’ve had the training and experience necessary to do the job. That’s often not the case with soft skills since a hiring manager is left to assume that an employee simply possesses those traits or they don’t. But when an employee has a digital credential that proves they’re not only competent in a certain soft skillset but has mastered it, there is little room for interpretation.

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