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    How Digital Credentials + Skills-Based Hiring Reduce Bias in the Workplace

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    As companies navigate the evolving landscape of the post-pandemic world, the future of work is at the forefront of discussions within executive suites and boardrooms. Central to these deliberations is the critical issue of bias and equity in the workplace. Traditional indicators like college degrees, while once considered reliable, now present challenges as approximately two-thirds of Americans do not hold a degree.

    Additionally, biases rooted in gender, race, ability, religion, and more persist, despite increased efforts to eliminate explicit discrimination and stereotyping. To stay ahead of the curve, what could an organization do to maintain a fair working environment? 

    This whitepaper addresses:

    • The different types of bias in the workforce.
    • The issue of bias in hiring by examining the latest research and statistics.
    • The role of digital credentials in providing a skills-based approach.
    • Other unbiased hiring practices in the face of the evolving workplace landscape.

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