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Australian Digital Health Agency

Faethm by Pearson's analytics from Australian Census data guided Australian Digital Health in adapting healthcare education and enhancing digital capacity for evolving technology impacts.


The Australian health system faces serious challenges including financial constraints, rising demand for services and a significant uplift in technology adoption. These challenges make it imperative that Australia’s health workforce be equipped to confidently use digital technologies to deliver better health and care services.


Faethm by Pearson's predictive analytics delivered a data-driven understanding of the current and future digital capability requirements of healthcare workers. The insights, derived from AI applied to Australian Census data, surfaced:

  • a nuanced view of the impact of technologies on workforce tasks over the next ten years
  • a range of implications for a workforce that’s unprepared for new ways of working
  • the top five emerging technologies projected to offer opportunities for efficiency and productivity gains across the health sector


​With a clear understanding of how technologies are expected to profoundly change the way in which healthcare is delivered and reshape healthcare roles both now and into the future, the Australian Digital Health developed a roadmap for the delivery of:

  • A framework for building digital health capability and leadership to deliver transformation

  • Digital literacy resources and training and a culture of continuous learning to boost digital capability

  • New education pathways that support new and emerging roles in health



Global HQ - Sydney, Australia

1,123 employees (2023)



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