Case Study

Woolworths Group

Faethm by Pearson helped Woolworths Group analyze tech impacts, plan its workforce growth, plan its workforce growth, and establish a Future of Work Fund for reskilling, creating 838+ tech roles amid automation.


Woolworths Group, Australia’s largest employer, planned to implement several large-scale and high-profile Automation programs that would likely displace workers. They wanted to be able to:

  • Evaluate the impact of technologies and digital disruption on Woolworths
  • Support strategic workforce planning with clarity on the shape and size of the future workforce
  • Identify reskilling pathways for employees at risk of automation and upskilling for employees with future-proof capabilities


Faethm by Pearson armed the Woolworths transformation team with data to:

  • identify and quantify the impact of emerging technologies over the next three to five years
  • inform delivery of transition pathways for at-risk roles to roles with future growth
  • gain a clear view of tech-led supply and demand of roles across all organizational units
“Technological advances in automation, predictive analytics, AI and cloud computing are making core retail processes much faster and more efficient than ever before. While these changes push our industry forward for the better, they’re also changing the nature of the day to day work many of our people do.”
Brad Banducci, CEO of Woolworths Group


Informed by Faethm by Pearson insights, Woolworths Group developed strategies to protect their workforce:​

  • A Future of Work Fund, established to reskill, upskill and redeploy workers disrupted by automation
  • An assessment of future capabilities, informed by Faethm’s capability analysis, to extend the reskilling/upskilling from at-risk roles to all and future-proof the application of L&D spend.
  • The creation of new tech-related roles for over 838 FTEs in the next five years.



Global HQ - Bella Vista, Australia

215,000 employees (2020)



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