A More Complete Picture: Adding Verified Achievements to a Learning Portfolio

    Leading Portfolio Learning Platform Pathbrite Integrates Credly Badges
    March 12, 2024
    7 min read

    Digital badges and credentials -- which are issued by organizations who can validate our accomplishments -- are an essential element in telling the story of who we are and what we can offer. At Credly, we're constantly working to make achievements visible and to help turn them into new opportunities.


    Today we are excited to announce a partnership with Pathbrite which enables learners to easily add badges they earn, share and store from thousands of issuers on Credly to their academic and professional portfolios. Pathbrite is the leading Portfolio Learning Platform and is used by institutions like Fresno State University, Laureate International Universities, Stanford University, and University of Illinois to enhance learning outcomes, program completion rates and job placement rates.

    Screen-Shot-2014-08-17-at-6.13.51-PM-e1408313708319.png Learners can easily import all or select badges from Credly into their Pathbrite portfolio.

    With Pathbrite’s integration of Credly, learners can display digital badges and credentials with the other important artifacts in their personal portfolio. Pathbrite lets users showcase a holistic view of their skills and achievements by importing evidence from popular web services, such as YouTube and Vimeo videos, LinkedIn recommendations, Google Drive files, Facebook photos, Khan Academy achievements and -- through the new partnership -- Credly badges.

    Portfolios are reviewed by instructors as part of an evidence and competency-based approach to learning, as well as by colleges and universities considering candidates for admission and employers evaluating individuals for job opportunities.

    import-credly-badges-pathbrite-e1408318717986-2.png Credly joins other popular services from which learners can import evidence of their achievement, including LinkedIn, YouTube, Vimeo, Khan Academy, and Google Drive.

    With thousands of organizations issuing digital credentials and Open Badges through Credly, learners using Pathbrite now have a wealth of new sources of evidence of achievement they can make visible to those reviewing their portfolios. Credly is used by groups like the New York City Department of Education, Georgia Department of Education, University of Central Florida, University of Alaska, Dallas Museum of Art, EDUCAUSE, Yale University, and the YMCA of Greater New York.

    “It’s important that learners and job applicants be able to show the full breadth of their cognition, accomplishment and competency,” said Heather Hiles, founder and CEO of Pathbrite. “We are excited about our partnership with Credly, as it gives users of Pathbrite a simple way to incorporate verified credentials, badges and evidence directly into their portfolios from a large and diverse array of learning channels.”

    “Credly and Pathbrite share a common vision of helping people get credit and find new opportunities by making their authentic, real-world achievements more visible,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, founder and CEO of Credly. “Through our integration, the many organizations and individuals using Credly to issue, verify, manage and share credentials and badges now have a super easy -- and not to mention beautiful -- new way to tell their story and get the accomplishments they value in front of the right people.”

    Screen-Shot-2014-08-17-at-5.02.59-PM-e1408324569652.png Display Credly badges among other evidence of achievement in a Pathbrite portfolio

    Integration highlights:

    • Link your Credly account to your Pathbrite account
    • View your Credly achievements from within Pathbrite and add all or select Credly badges and credentials to any portfolio, curating them together with other evidence
    • Create a new Pathbrite portfolio and easily populate it with any or all of your Credly badges
    • Store your Credly badges in your Pathbrite library for use and re-use in any portfolio
    • Badges shared on Pathbrite can redirect to the issuer's website, putting the credibility of the issuing entity brand behind each badge

    Screen-Shot-2014-08-17-at-5.04.03-PM-e1408314061667-2.png With little more than a click, Pathbrite users can create a portfolio showcasing their Credly badges, annotating it with commentary, adjusting the layout and design, and sharing it publicly or with select people.

    See the official press release about the partnership: https://credly.com/news/pathbrite-credly

    Create a Pathbrite portfolio and add Credly badges: https://pathbrite.com/register Create or edit a portfolio, choose Add Work and select Credly Badges.

    The Pathbrite / Credly integration is available today to all Credly and Pathbrite users.

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