Credly and Acreditta Establish Partnership to Expand Usage of Digital Credentials in Latin America

    February 27, 2018
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    The partnership extends Credly’s best-in-class platform and increases Acreditta’s footprint, facilitating new opportunities for employers, students, and workers to connect based on proven knowledge and skills.

    Bogotá, Colombia Feb 27, 2018

    Responding to demand from educational institutions, professional associations and organizations in Latin America for new ways of sharing and verifying skills and achievements, Acreditta today announced a partnership with Credly to expand the use of digital credentials in the region, allowing individuals and organizations to design and implement innovative achievement and recognition systems.

    This initiative reflects an evolution in the way accomplishments are shared and verified online, empowering students and workers to distinguish themselves with trusted digital evidence, while enabling organizations to find, engage and retain the right talent to meet their business needs.

    According to the World Bank, the number of students pursuing higher education in Latin America has substantially increased to 20 million in the past 15 years, yet a disconnect between education institutions and companies means there's still a substantial skills gap between the two. Digital credentials are emerging as the trusted way to standardize skills and knowledge in a format that can be clearly understood, exchanged and verified among people, organizations and employers.

    “In a complex and challenging job marketplace, digital credentials allow students and professionals to build a 21st century personal profile, closing the digital gap that exists in Latin America – that of social exclusion. In many rural and urban communities in the region, learning efforts must be accompanied by trusted and portable evidence that connects talent with real job opportunities,” said Gabriel Sternberg, Director and Founder for Acreditta.

    “Credly is excited to partner with Acreditta to deliver an enterprise-class system that allows organizations, employers, and academic institutions in Latin America to issue portable, secure and verifiable, digital credentials and gain actionable data and insights,” said Jonathan Finkelstein, CEO of Credly.

    About Acreditta

    Acreditta offers digital credentialing services to educational institutions, organizations and professional associations to help their members connect skills, achievements and proven knowledge with real job opportunities. Acreditta provides its services to organizations throughout Latin America and South Florida.

    About Credly

    Credly is the leading digital credential service provider, helping the world recognize lifelong achievement with the most popular platforms for verifying, sharing and managing digital credentials and badges. The enterprise-class system allows organizations to officially verify skills and competencies; distribute portable and secure digital credentials and open badges; and gain actionable data and insights. Thousands of industry associations, education institutions, employers and workforce development programs use Credly to make achievements visible.

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