Credly Ushers In Next Wave of Digital Credential Movement With Record Growth on Largest Network of Professional Credentials

    Digital credentials leader issues 30 million credentials, enabling skills-based talent mapping for top employers
    March 12, 2024
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    NEW YORK — February 20, 2020 — Credly, the leader in digital credentials, today reports a record year in 2019, having more than doubled its customer base year over year. As digital credentials quickly become the currency of choice in an international labor market more focused on competency and skill, associations, employers, training providers and higher education institutions alike are joining the movement.
    With the global talent shortage on track to reach 85.2 million people by 2030, organizations are pivoting their talent acquisition strategies to a skills-based approach. The rise of skills-based hiring means companies are recognizing individuals for demonstrated competencies and abilities rather than traditional proxies, such as years of experience or a higher-education degree, alone. Through digital credentials, individuals can trade on the currency of their own human capital in a way that is portable, verified, and provides context of their knowledge and abilities.
    Credly has expanded its offering with industry-leading features, such as Official Transcripts and Endorsements, aimed at empowering organizations with the proper resources to propel and grow their programs with measurable results. These tools support the millions of individuals who have earned a credential through the platform. 
    “Verified proof of skill is no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have,” said Credly CEO, Jonathan Finkelstein. “Today, agile businesses must embrace a more granular approach to recruiting, retaining and managing talent. Digital credentials create transparency in the job market and, therefore, create opportunity for those who traditionally haven’t been afforded it.”
    The 120% increase in organizations using Credly’s Acclaim platform includes top brands like KPMG, Pendo, DocuSign, and Tableau. By working with Credly to design and roll out comprehensive, enterprise-wide digital credential programs, organizations are taking a step forward in bridging skills gaps, promoting career opportunities and enabling data-driven hiring and talent management decisions. Members of the Credly network, representing the world’s most trusted and respected brands and certification bodies, have issued 30 million credentials. The newest members of the network include a diverse range of organizations, such as NASSPReadyTech and UPPCC, all focused on verifying the most in-demand skills in today’s workforce.
    “Credentials are here for good,” said Todd Laudino, Sr. Manager, National Honor Societies at the National Association of Secondary School Principals. “As our increasingly digital world continues to place higher importance on the skills and experiences that add genuine value, we’ll see more stakeholders in workforce development and related opportunities counting on digital badging as the universal language of skill validity.”
    Through a skills-based lens, organizations harness the ability to hire or deploy the most qualified individuals based on verified competencies and abilities, not historical proxies and shortcuts that are poor predictors of job readiness and performance. Adopted across industries as the remedy for bridging gaps and building opportunities, digital credentials will act as the catalyst for a truly inclusive workplace. 

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